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   About Us

2B Global Energy Ltd. is a wholly owned Indeginous Nigerian Corporation headed by world class business leaders with global experience, at the position of Chairman and C.E.O is Mr Solomon I. Agbataekwe-Richmond whose experience in global finance and commitment to the Nigerian oil and gas industry has set a standard of excellence for the company.

We are operators in the downstream, midstream and upstream of the West African oil and gas market and we have a heavy foot print in the trading of related commodities.

Combined our leadership comes from backgrounds of oil and gas, hospitality and finance which feeds into the character of the organization.

The hospitality influence affects our customer relations procedures and makes 2B Global's offices a home away from home. The financial influence has solidified our dedication to accountability and fiscal discipline, while our oil and gas background brings much welcome technical ability that has created this interesting company we all know as 2B Global Energy Ltd.

If you wish to know more please do not hesitate to call. Thank you.