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We intend to revolutionalise gas production and distribution to our portfolio of clients and help them remain competitive in the market and satisfy their needs

2B Global Energy is focused on the value chain of the petroleum industry by stamping her competence in the refining of petroleum products that would serve the global markets.

2B Global Energy is interested in developing Nigeria’s foremost natural gas distribution network and captive power solutions. We are pioneering new idea in private sector piping and distribution of natural gas to industrial and commercial consumers, successfully reviving private sector participation in the gas distribution business in Nigeria.

In the next 3 years we will be making significant investments in the development of gas and power infrastructure to assure reliable supply of natural gas including high pressure transmission pipelines, gas processing facilities etc.

We also offer services in the distribution of wet assets across the high seas and local water ways.

Our aspiration is to create easy in the transportation and trade of petroluem products across West Africa and beyond while ensuring adequate supply with the local markets.